All LAMEX Wallpapers are internationally designed, composing of the highest grade materials sourced from Europe and crafted domestically in LAMEX’s production facilities located throughout Malaysia with the state-of-the-art machinery and innovative production methods. Others are directly sourced from Europe.

Due to the careful attention that we pay in every aspect that goes into crafting our wallpaper from design to production, our wallpapers are qualitatively better, more durable and often embody trend-setting designs. We also offer our wallpapers at prices that are comparatively more affordable than many market competitors. This is why we have grown to become many Malaysian and international consumer’s most trusted choice when it comes to wallpaper

LAMEX Wallpapers are generally crafted under European size standards. As such they cover 50 square feet per roll. Their exact measurements are 10 meters (height) x 53 centimetres (width). Our wall-art and custom wallpaper services features wallpapers that are made to your wall’s size.

Due to size differences, LAMEX’s European-sized Wallpapers can offer a more precise and cost-efficient installation because bigger wallpapers generally result in higher wastage when there is a surplus of wallpaper which exceed area covered. LAMEX believes in helping our customers achieve the most reasonable value as such we will always offer measurement services for customers before purchase to ensure they do not over-order on wallpaper and thus our size allows a very precise and affordable quote compared to bigger wallpapers.

LAMEX Wallpapers are priced very affordably. Market research demonstrates that many of our collections are priced 25% to 35% cheaper than most wallpaper suppliers in Malaysia. As we work with many distributors throughout Malaysia and the international markets, we always strive as a company to create products that are offered at the most affordable price in order to make our product as accessible to consumers as possible. This goes in line with our brand’s philosophy and history.

If properly installed, LAMEX wallpaper can last over 7+ years. In some cases, they have lasted up to 15 years. As all LAMEX Wallpaper are not just plain paper but thick paper that have been infused with vinyl, they are also generally scratch-proof, smudge proof and dent-proof.

Yes because we use special coating technology, LAMEX wallpaper are surface water-resistant and are slightly washable with a wet-cloth and gentle cleaning. Although we would not advise excessive water on the wallpaper, we recommend using a damp cloth.

LAMEX offers an after-installation policy known as “LAMEX CARE” as a reflection of our commitment to high standards in product quality and service delivery. If you encounter an issue with your wallpaper that is a result of our workmanship or production defect, we will tend to you under LAMEX CARE.

Yes, LAMEX Wallpapers can be self-installed. You will require certain equipment such as a measuring tape, cutter, metal ruler, wallpaper paste and a ladder. Instructions for self-installation can be found here. LAMEX also offers full installation service, which can be arranged directly with our corporate headquarters.

Yes, LAMEX we offers the full service which includes measurement and installation services. This is not offered by default and has to be booked. You can book for LAMEX measurement and installation services online via our LAMEX Express Service or at our showrooms. More details about the entire order process for the LAMEX full service can be found here.

If you purchase over RM 600 worth of wallpapers from us on our website, we generally offer free installation services for you to install our products. This is subject to availability and scheduling, so get in touch with us. It is important to note, additional charges may occasionally arise, please refer to our extra charges list or call us to find out more.


After successful payment, LAMEX will prepare your order immediately during working hours. The processing time should generally take 24 hours with same-day shipping within that time frame. We might contact you if there is any issues with the order.

Orders are usually shipped 1 working day after payment receipt online. Depending on where you are in Malaysia shipping could take between 1 to 5 working days.

The payment should be charged immediately after you have placed a purchase on our website, it is only after payment is successfully charged do we proceed with your order.

Yes our website is secured with advanced encryption technologies to give you the safest browsing experience and all payment is secured by PayPal. Our customers have been shopping on our platform without security issues for years.

If you have received a damaged or wrong product, please take a picture immediately and get in-contact with us.  We will replace your order for you and cover any shipping cost that might arise from the exchange. 

We are unable to accept refunds after payment. However we do accept returns/changes if goods have not been processed or shipped yet. However, we are unable to accept returns or changes once goods have been shipped.

Generally, we do not provide tracking numbers by default, however you can always get your shipping status from us directly by getting in touch with us.