At LAMEX, we believe in achieving big dreams with very simple steps. 

We saw the simplicity in walls, and how they’re like canvases that can bring endless dreams to reality.

We want to give everybody a tool to bring their visions to life; which is why we have been offering our dependable service of providing sustainable quality wallpaper, making them accessible at affordable prices for the past 24 years.

Pioneer of 24 Years for Wallcoverings in Malaysia

Established since 1993, LAMEX is the industry pioneer of introducing wallpaper as a home-improvement and lifestyle product to Malaysian households.

Today, LAMEX is the leading wallpaper specialists and is the only domestically-

based manufacturer in Malaysia. Through 24 years of supplying wallpapers to 

households, commercial users and developers; LAMEX has grown into one of 

the largest global wallpaper businesses in Southeast Asia, with its wallpapers 

being distributed both locally and over 75 countries worldwide.

Why Work With Us ?

Quality Wallpaper We conduct quality-control procedures to ensure the excellent standard that you would expect of our global brand.

Dependable Service

We provide a reliable one-stop service for our customers by involving our dependable specialists and the right technical skills.

Affordable Price

To enable everybody the freedom of realizing their dreams, we focus our products on accessibility, rather than high profit margins.

What Makes Our Wallpaper Different?European Materials

We source our high quality materials from eco-friendly paper farms based in Finland to create perfect products for our customers.

International Designers

LAMEX wallpaper designs consists of internationally established designers’work from Europe, Korea, Taiwan and Malaysia.

Innovative Technologies

Our wallpapers are crafted in-house with the latest machineries and production methods, overseen by technical production specialists on European standards.