At LAMEX, we believe that the walls to your home are more than just partitions. Like canvasses, walls have the potential to create strong emotional impact and to make bold personal statements. They can entirely transform the look and feel of their immediate space. Like canvasses,  they hold the potential to make a place feel special. They hold the potential to make dreams into reality. That is why for over 24 years, at LAMEX, we have always produced inspired products that are designed to make a lasting impact. We believe in creating true, accessible and sustainable value for the users of wallpaper by crafting quality-wallpaper, offering them at affordable prices and realizing their use through dependable service.

Established since 1993, LAMEX is widely recognised as the industry pioneer in Malaysia for being the first company to introduce wallpaper as a viable home-improvement and lifestyle product to Malaysian households. Today, LAMEX is the leading wallpaper specialists in Malaysia and remains the only domestically-based manufacturer of wallpaper in Malaysia with numerous state-of-the-art production facilities located throughout the nation. LAMEX  actively supplies wallpapers to households, commercial users, developers, designers and other businesses, with strong market share. Through 24 years of dedicated and honest service to consumers, LAMEX has developed into one of the largest global wallpaper businesses in Southeast Asia by market share with its wallpapers being distributed extensively throughout Malaysia and actively exported to over 75 countries worldwide. The long-lasting success and progressive growth of LAMEX as consumer’s most trusted brand can be attributable to 3 core simple values that define the LAMEX brand:

Quality Wallpaper

Our wallpapers are designed by an international design network comprising of established designers from Europe, Korea, Taiwan & Malaysia. They are then artfully crafted in-house with state-of-the-art machineries and production methods. Finally, they are subject to stringent quality-control procedures and checks to ensure that they surpass the benchmarks and the expectations of our customers.

Dependable Service

Wallpaper is a naturally service-demanding product. In order to realize the true impact of wallpaper, it has to be properly installed. This requires the involvement of reliable specialists with the right technical skills. Besides providing the quality products, we are committed to providing a dependable one-stop service for our customers from the moment of purchase to the eventual installation.

Affordable Price

We truly believe that wallpaper has great market potential because of their unique value proposition. Rather than aim for high profit margins, we believe in offering our products and services at a commensurate and affordable price in order to make wallpaper more accessible. This accessibility to effective home transformation is a key to our business’ sustainability over the last 24 years.