One Stop Wallpaper Makeover Service from Home

1) More Durable

LAMEX wallpaper is more durable than others.

When properly maintained LAMEX wallpapers can last over 10 years.

2) More Affordable

LAMEX wallpaper is significantly more affordable than other market alternatives.

With many promotions and installation packages, transforming your home is better than ever.

3) More Convenient

We have our own dedicated logistics fleet to deliver it to your home.

We can provide our own specialist measurement and installation teams.

We do all the hardworking so you don’t have to worry about it.

4) More Textured

All of our wallpapers feature deeper textures than other wallpapers on the market.

LAMEX wallpapers feature deep embossing and deep textures to create that distinct 3D effect on your wall.

5) Thicker

LAMEX wallpapers are 2 to 3 times thicker and heavier than most market alternatives, making them the most durable choice.

LAMEX wallpapers are made from thick paper materials sourced from Finland.

6) More Water Resistant

LAMEX wallpapers are well-coated with special coatings to provide water resistant properties, allowing you to lightly wash them.

Based on studies, LAMEX wallpapers are 45% more water resistant compared to other market alternatives.

7) More Cost Efficient

Why use bigger wallpapers? Our wallpaper is small and precise, resulting in less wastage and less cost for you.

Don’t buy large and waste large, when you can buy precise.

8) Always Stock-Ready

Unlike importers and traders, all LAMEX wallpapers seen in our sample books, catalogues and stores are ready stock.

We will never be out of stock, rest be sure, whatever you get is what you see.

9) More Reliable

LAMEX has been the vanguard of the wallpaper industry for over 24 years, with unrivalled reputation in reliability.

We have been able to thrive in the last 24 years because of our dedication to customer service and our assurances in the products we sell.

We provide absolute product and service guarantee with great warranty policies available.

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