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“LAMEX CARE” Warranty Policy

Every customer of LAMEX Wallcoverings deserves the peace of mind of knowing that LAMEX wallpapers are crafted to the highest of quality-standards and that as a company, our dedicated care of our customer’s needs extends way beyond the selection, purchase and installation of our wallpaper. We believe in offering a fully committed service experience and being absolutely accountable to our customers and because of this, the installation of all LAMEX wallpaper is covered by our after-installation LAMEX CARE policy. Under the terms of this policy (set out below), LAMEX will provide a replacement to a customer for any defective product that is caused by manufacturing defect. Customers must provide photographic and physical evidence of the defect prior to replacement. For installations done by LAMEX for customers,  LAMEX will offer a complimentary 3 month after-installation policy whereby, LAMEX will seek to replace any faulty wallpaper and repair any defected installation, free of charge.

How does LAMEX CARE work for installations?

Beginning on the date of the completion of installation, you will be automatically offered LAMEX CARE which provides policy coverage for you for a duration of 3 months. Within these 3 months, if you encounter any problems with your wallpaper, you may contact LAMEX directly by email or by phone call. In your initial enquiry, you are required to supply to LAMEX, a detailed description of the wallpaper issue(s) encountered as well as clear photograph(s) depicting the issues. LAMEX shall assign staff to investigate and review the issues reported by the customers.

If it is established by our staff that the issues are:

  1. peel-off caused by faulty installation workmanship;     and/or
  2. wallpaper defect caused by faulty wallpaper manufacturing.

upon determination, LAMEX may then:

  1. repair & touch up the peel-off as it sees fit, free of charge;    and/or
  2. replace the same wallpaper, free of charge.

Other case-by-case solutions may also be offered to our customers depending on any different type of issues encountered and the surrounding circumstances.

For more details, please refer to the Terms & Conditions applicable to LAMEX CARE.

“At LAMEX, we look after our customers!”

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