Step 1: LAMEX EXPRESS offers the convenient way of acquiring the complete wallpaper supply and installation service from LAMEX, entirely online without needing to leave your home!  Easily browse all of our existing collections for your next living space transformation. Discover new ideas & inspirations for re-defining your living space or alternatively, get in touch with us for transformation consultation.

Step 2: Once you are ready for your living space transformation. Proceed to make a LAMEX EXPRESS Booking by paying deposit. During the booking process, you will be asked to select and confirm 4 LAMEX wallpaper collections that you are interested in. (If you your interests extends beyond 4 collections, we recommend you to visit our Showrooms instead).

Step 3: After successfully booking the LAMEX EXPRESS service and completing payment of your booking deposit, our committed will get in touch with you, within 24 hours to confirm your specifications. By email or phone-call, we will arrange an available and suitable date with you for our specialists to visit your premises to provide measurement services at your living space and bring the sample books of the 4 collections that you are interested in for you to review at your premises. (If you are interested in any other collections at this point, we suggest visiting our Showrooms instead).

Step 4: After measurement is completed, we will get in touch with you once again to confirm your order with you. Based on the measurement and your specifications, a detailed quotation will be calculated. By email, you will be sent a payment request with the full quotation. After paying the remaining balance for your order based on the quotation, we will arrange the installation date with you based on availability and your schedule. (If you have any other requirements at this point, we suggest visiting our Showrooms).

Step 5: Once full payment is made and installation scheduled, our specialist installation team will visit your premises on installation day to complete your living space transformation!