One Stop Wallpaper Makeover Service from Home

1) Start from Your Home

  • Enjoy the LAMEX retail experience from the comforts of your Home.
  • Browse & Choose all LAMEX Wallpaper designs online from your Home.

2) We will Come to Your Home

  • LAMEX site specialist will visit you at your Home.
  • Have a Physical Sample-Book/Wallpaper Viewing from your Home.
  • You can see the physical samples of the wallpaper and get design consultation by LAMEX specialist.
  • Same-day Site Measurement by LAMEX specialist arranged at your Home.

3) We will Install it for You

  • Installation by LAMEX wall experts arranged at your Home.
  • The experienced  LAMEX wall experts will install the wallpaper(s) for you.
  • Have a new home make-over hassle free by LAMEX.

Let us make over your home for you & other benefits:

  • Installation by LAMEX wall experts includes workmanship warranty for the completed makeover.
  • LAMEX wall experts are highly professional and have nearly 2 decades of experience on installing wallpaper products.

Next Steps…

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