With major technical and financial support from Taiwan, LAMEX’s first wallcoverings production plant was successfully constructed, marking the beginnings of the domestic wallcoverings industry in Malaysia. LAMEX carefully perfected production methodologies and process through a rigorous but iterative process of trial, error and stringent quality control.


LAMEX officially establishes its domestic operations with the launch of dedicated retail stores throughout Malaysia as well as the establishment of a distribution network by the establishment of a supply chain with committed home-decor suppliers. LAMEX receives substantial media attention as Malaysia’s first domestic wallcoverings provider for consumers.


With immensely positive domestic market reception in Malaysia, LAMEX began to receive international interests. After securing reliable international suppliers, LAMEX began to further expand its reach with the ambition of becoming a global brand with the launch of international export operations beginning with export operations in 8 countries.


LAMEX’s international operations scales quickly as it successfully expands its’ product distribution network to all the major trade regions globally. LAMEX products can be found in over 20 countries at this point. Winning awards at international trade shows, LAMEX becomes an internationally recognized brand in the global wallcoverings industry.

22 Years Later

Through years of hard work and dedication to true value creation, LAMEX has become the largest and oldest wallcoverings company in Malaysia. Today, LAMEX is well-trusted by Malaysian and international consumers. Ranked number 1 by domestic market share, production output and revenues, LAMEX has truly become a vanguard in the industry.