LAMEX Craftsmanship

LAMEX wallpaper represents the pure definition of craftsmanship. The perfect interworking of different key elements are always required to craft the perfect product, for us that is a philosophy:

European Materials

LAMEX sources its’ base material papers for making its wallpaper from eco-friendly paper farms which are based in Finland. Although more expensive than local providers, we believe perfect products are created by working with materials of the highest quality and we are truly committed to being responsible to the environment.

International Design

LAMEX wallpapers are creatively conceived by our dedicated in-house design studio comprising of talented designers who work intricately with an international network of designers from Europe, Taiwan, Korea & Malaysia. LAMEX’s decision process is an iterative one involving repeated research, brainstorming, discussion and protoyping.

State-of-the-Art Production

LAMEX’s production facilities feature the use of state-of-the-art machinery and innovative production methods on European standards. With production process overseen by technical production specialists, each wallpaper is delicately crafted with the standard, care and attention to detail that you would come to expect with our global brand.

True Quality Control

LAMEX’s reputation for high quality products with low defect rates comes from our loyalty to quality-control. After production, every single roll of wallpaper is carefully examined by a dedicated quality-control team at least 5 times before they are carefully packaged. We commit ourselves to a benchmark that others may find unnecessary.